Way back in the 1800's, a man named Henry Mock came, with his wagon trains, through this area. He settled in this beautiful valley with his large family.He named this area, Mock's Mill.  One of his sons, Samuel Mock, was born around the time of the Civil War. Samuel owned a lot of land and was the town banker. Samuel married, Julia Spear, who was the town milliner. They married late in life and had no children. A niece, Velma Pike, inherited this house and lived here until her death in 2003.     Fast forward to 1996. I was a Kindergarten teacher in North Georgia. One day, I brought some magazines to class. The assignment: Choose a picture that you like and make up a story about that picture.  One of the children chose a picture of a little girl, riding her bike on the Virginia Creeper Trail. Lights went on in my head. I had to find that place. I wanted to be there. After asking lots of questions, and doing my research, I talked my husband and my sons, Wes and Dan, into going on a road trip to find the Virginia Creeper Trail. We ended up in Abingdon, Va. We spent the night in Abingdon and the next day I started talking to people. One person suggested that if I liked the mountains, we should venture forth to the little mountain village of Damascus. It was just a 20 minute drive, past rolling farm land, over rivers and then I saw the mountains. What a view!     Our family stayed at a B and B in Damascus, we rode the Creeper Trail and my future was set. I told my husband that I had to have an inn located in Damacus. I knew I would have to keep teaching a few more years to help with the cost of college for our five children. About four times a year, I would escape to Damascus. I cannot tell you the peace that would come over me when I was here. I knew this was where God wanted me to be. Each time I came for a visit, I would walk the streets, knock on doors, and tell people my name. I asked if they wanted to sell their homes. I told them that one day I wanted to have an inn in Damascus. It was important to me that I have friends here, even before I moved here. My husband and I bought the Homestead in the Fall of 2003. God has truly blessed us. We have met so many wonderful people during these last seven years.       Deuteronomy 8:7  "For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land of brooks, pools, gushing springs, valleys and hills.."    God has blessed my family and me greatly. I thank Him for all his goodness to us. I pray that He will bless you, too.      Susie Montgomery  
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